Everyone’s story(part-4)

Previously I have told you to just move on in your life and live happily. But what life really means?

Everyone give life a different meaning , so there can never be a single definate meaning of life . Moreover , everyone has to just find a meaning of life and live according to it . There is no author to look upon . You are the author who has to define life and to prove that definition correct by living it .

Its not important to give a perfect meaning to life but there must be a meaning which will make you to live for it . There are a lot of things which exists but you have no idea about it . So ,things which are coming in, definitely has some role to play to make your definition of life more accurate. But in order to give meaning to life make one thing sure that its you , who have to eliminate all the wrong things which is making that definition inaccurate.

Now you all would be like what wrong i m talking about ? Nothing can be completely wrong but when you start defining life things which you don’t want in that definition , will be a wrong thing. You have to eliminate otherwise your definition will be inaccurate. so, everyone has ample amount of time to define life .

So be happy and keep going in order to give life a meaning….


Everyone’s story (Part-3)

Hii guys….

Do you ever think why people commit suicides?

Nothing in this world happens without a cause so there must be an answer to this question too . In previous part I told you that people are not concerned about their stories rather interfaring in others but its not complete truth , whenever a person face a crisis his focus shift completely to their own story . They start believing that only they are facing the harsh realities of life and no one understands their pain but in reality every person is facing hardships in their lives , they are being thrashed and knocked down by life . Only difference is how they face the trouble either bow down and cry or fightback with full force . Its depends upon person to person how they see failure , a dead end or another adventurous begining . Every one got two options to be remorseful and sit their or just move on.

Moving on is a better option. There are hell lot of things experiences and things out there , why not before taking such harsh step try them all and then decide.

Now if i talk about myself i used to think that why all the bad things are happening to me but then i realize that its not just me , every single person is suffering in one or other form . We have to widen our approach , change our perception only then we will realize that how much blessed we are . We have a bad habit of focusing what we don’t have rather then things we are blessed with . Some pray for things which we take fir granted . Respect what you have and be content , thats the key . Find the joy in bounties you have and once you did it you will live a happy life forever…..

Everyone’s story (Part-2)

Hello people….

In part -1, I have already told you that everyone has their own story but there is a problem in this . People have their own stories but they always try to be a part of other’s story , they don’t have concerned about their own. But its not their fault rather just a basic human nature. In reality , believe it or not we all are connected but this connection doesn’t give access on other’s life . We all have some part to play in every one’s life but what we do ? Rather then playing our part we start dominating and interfering other’s life too .

Let’s begin with a story of an army person, they always tell that our life is way too difficult but is that true ?

Everyone’s life is a challenge for that person . There are no such things like less or more hardships . Life is full of sufferings for all .what a soldier without a gun or other equipments or basic training ?

They are also dependent upon weopens they use and other respective gears . The person who has invented them has played a equally important role in their lives . So every single being played a role in our life . We all have to get along and play our respective goals and continue the journey known as life .

If you are thinking that this story has an end then you are totally wrong . This will never end till life exist…..

Part -3 will be coming soon….

Everyone’s story

Heyyyy… Everyone..

You all will be thinking why the title of this story is ‘Everyone’s story’ . The main reason behind that is everyone has their story in which they are protagonist . You believe it or not , everyone lives in a world of their own illusions , it’s not bad as if we don’t have illusions it’s impossible to live on this blue planet . Those who says, they are very practical in reality they live in the illusions of their realism.

In reality no one is wrong. everyone is just trying to be hero of their story even terrorist don’t consider themself wrong. They are knights of their created illusional world .

That depends on perspective on which side you are and what you want to perceive thats important. So, this is just a begining , we will try to give our views on every situation that happens…

So be ready to view this world in vision you never imagined…..